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Winners of the Global Voice Hackathon

The 1st community-driven, Global Voice & Travel Hackathon 2019, is over. It was my craziest idea ever. 85 cities worldwide. More than 1,300 attendees. In July, I didn't realize the potential of the GDG communities and the power of the Google Assistant.

The basic idea of the Voice Hackathon was not to win a massive bundle of money. It was to get to know the new "voice" technology, get inspired, and have fun - around a topic, we all love, travel.

A true global movement
We had several cities with significant events, including London, Berlin, Barcelona, Brno, Hong Kong, Belgrade, Taipei, Bangkok, or Managua. Their attendees enjoyed a real hacking experience for 24 or even 48 hours (wow). In other places, the events were smaller in scope, but people also enjoying to hack/work with the incredible voice technology during local workshops, lectures, or meetups.

As the single events taking place at the same weekend, the attendees still joined a global hackathon: there were video calls across venues. And sending Slack messages over 11 time zones :-)

From Idea to Reality

Before we talk about the TOP 10 winners, here is a quite impressive timeline.


July 1st - An idea

July 3rd - Breakfast with Kiwi.com about cooperation

July 19th - 4 cities

July 24th - 9 cities

August 12th - 40 cities

September 6th - 85 cities

September 27th - Voice Hackathon

A few acknowledgments:

I want to say thank to Denis (GDE, GDG Ostrava, and co-organizer) for his enthusiasm and his help with this event.


And to all GDGs on all continents, around the world, for their fantastic work. It is super challenging to find (in such a short time) any venue and local sponsor to cover essential support and refreshment. Especially during "DevFest season."


I very much appreciate the activities of people from Google (Maria, Katha, Jessica, Rubi, Mandy) for their support, encouragement, and spreading information over social media. OK, Google? :-)


And also Kiwi.com. For prizes, Tequila (live travel API), and global fun.


Thank all the participants and congratulations to the winners.



Organizer & GDE


Alphabetical order

Adventure activities in Nicaragua


An action to show the list of Nicaragua cities with adventure activities to do.


(Hong Kong)

Split your bills in the air

Am I safe?


We are providing real-time local news with the language you are familiar with.



Find Drinking Water in the city

Family Travel Toilet Saver

(Hong Kong)

Family Friendly Toilet Finder while Travel

How to behave "Dos and don'ts expert."

The assistant that can advise on how to behave in a foreign country. 

Language differences


Language differences are one of the pain for foreigners traveling in Thailand.

LoveJoy - Mental health

(United Kingdom)
It is a voice assistant application aimed to help users with Mental health issues while traveling. 

Restaurant Picker


Restaurant Picker while traveling

Walking audio guide

(United Kingdom) A walking audio guide that uses Google chatbot interface to select different journeys through a city according to a user's interest.

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