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June 14, 2019

Brno, CZ

How did you enjoy the Hackathon in Brno?


I love the interactions & review time during the hackathon.


One of the best, thanks to Martin & Denis for enthusiasm.


We were like one team, not like competitors. Learning one from the other

Use only your voice and get flight tickets, information about your holiday destination, make a car reservation,

or talk to interactive sightseeing.

Let's do it!

[START @ June 14, 2019, 6pm #VoiceHackathon]



You'll get 24 hours to create your own Google Assistant Voice App. Whether you are a programmer, designer, marketer, or just an enthusiast - just come, join the team and be part of the creation of something revolutionary.


You will get the best Google & Kiwi.com mentors, Google Assistant (Home & Nest), and unlimited snacks.

Social Dimension

We can see a huge benefit for disabled travelers. A new world opens up for the blind Mark; now he can change the flight booking just using his voice.


Or for Mary, she does not speak Italian, but the Voice interactive guide can help there anytime she wants to know anything about Rome.

The Event

On Friday, there will be introductory lectures about Voice assistants and how to start development. People will split into several teams and start working on their projects for the next 24 hours.


The result should be a functional prototype. Each team will present it to the jury. We will appreciate invention, usability, and ingenuity.



The ideal team is 3-5 people. However, everyone can come and work alone or join another team.


The event is open to everyone - for programmers (even juniors), UX designers, markers, technology enthusiasts, girls, and boys - who want to learn and try something new.


Each project should includes

- nice idea: exciting, creative, innovative or unique

- conversation design: intuitive "human-like" conversation

- functional sw part: all you need is JavaScript and Gmail account


Everyone can come.

Mentors, presentations, and workshops are ready for you.



June 14, 2019

18:00 - Registration

19:00 - Welcome Presentations

  • What is Google Assistant (Today & Tomorrow)

  • How to create your first Voice Application

  • How to use Kiwi.com & API

  • Best Practices

  • Grow with Google: From Hackathon to Silicon Valley

20:00 - Hacking

  • Ideas and Teams 

  • Mentoring & Development

  • Presentations and workshops


June 15, 2019


10 - 11 What is Google Assistant

11 - 12 Firebase

12 - 13 How to code GA

13 - 14 Conversation Design

14 - 15 Kiwi.com

15 - 16 GA & Best Practices

16 - 17 GA & implementation in Android OS

18:00 - End of Hacking

18:10 - Final Presentations

19:00 - Awards

20:00 - Networking



Martin Krček

Google Developer Expert

Denis Valášek

Actions & IoT

Lukáš Novák

Actions & Android

Dominik Šimoník


Volodymyr Piskun


Josef Duda


Roman Roznovsky

CEO of workstreams.ai

Filip Goszler

GUG.cz Community Navigator


Available 24/7 drinks, coffee, fruit, snacks, sandwiches during the night.


Relax Room will be available for relaxation, bring a mat and sleeping bag.


The best team

  • Flight credit from Kiwi.com (200 USD)

  • Google Home Mini

  • Travel Bible / Travel Jobs


For everyone

  • T-shirt

  • Know - how and certification of Google Assistant

  • Credit 200 USD monthly / published voice actions (Credit for  Google Cloud)

  • Gifts from sponsors and partners

Registration & Fee

Super Duper Easy: just three steps 

1. Registration

2. Buy a Ticket

Early Birds: 128 CZK till June 1st, 2019

Standard: 256 CZK after June 1st, 2019

3. Choose a Tshirt


Date and Place

Date: June 14. - 15.  (Friday + Saturday)

Start: Friday at 6pm 


Palachovo nám. 4

625 00 Brno-Starý Lískovec

Czech Republic

For Teams:

Google Home Mini

Google Home Max

Google Nest Hub

a WiFi :-)

Nice to have :-)


Actions on Google, Dialogflow


Powered by

It is organized by GDG Brno (Google Developers Group).


We are part of a worldwide community - we organize lectures, workshops and other all kinds of development technology meetings not only from Google.


See what we do on GUG.cz


Voice Hackathon:
Traveling with Google Assistant  & Kiwi.com


First Travel 

Voice Hackathon


June 14,  2019

24 hours



Palachovo nám. 4,

625 00 Brno

Czech Republic


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