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September 26-28 2019

Already announced cities: 

Let’s celebrate World Tourism Day by inviting everyone to redefine the travel experience.

Organize your local hackathon, in your venue, 
invite people and join the global travel hackathon.
And have fun!

#hacktravel #VoiceHackathon

Save The Date

   September 26 – 28, 2019, worldwide


Hackathon Topic:

Anything connected to travel & Voice Assistant. Get inspiration from “June Travel Hackathon.
If needed, you can use any APIs (Google flights, UBER).
Kiwi.com provides API, documentation, and online support to their system (flights, booking, payments).

Barkio.com provides a voice sample for a Barking Detection Challenge.



You can do afternoon hackathon, or from morning to midnight, or hardcore hacking for 24 hours. It is up to you! 

The prize for the top 10 global teams*
Each location winner has a chance for a 500 EUR voucher for Kiwi.com*. Those 10 Winners will be judged by the organizer team.  


Special price for a Barking Detection Challenge

Sometimes you have to travel without your dog, but do you know what is she/he doing right now? Barkio has the answer. And there is a Barking Detection Challenge, where you can get 800 USD. 

Prizes for all (local teams):
An unforgettable Experience
Voice Assistant Know-how

Global Networking


*Each local hackathon will only have one winner. 
The winners must record a 2 minutes video, showing the voice application (no business, no marketing parts).

All winners will take part in the grand finale, where the Jury (GDG, Google and Kiwi.com) selects the 10 best projects from all around the world. Each of these ten teams will receive 500 EUR voucher from Kiwi.com

Grand finale will be in the coming 2 - 3 days. 



Organization rules
It is up to you. You can find ideas & inspiration from “June Travel Hackathon.
Only YOU are the local jury! You will bring the winning team to the global final round.

Intellectual property - who owns the Actions/Ideas created at the event?
What you create is yours. No one else, including Kiwi.com, has the rights to use it outside of the competition.


GDEs are here for you. Ask them to join your local event. Google will cover their travels & accommodations.

You can ask anyone to be your mentor, expert...


Local Partners & Sponsors
It is up to you. Really. 

Virtual Venue

We want to have the Voice Hackathon to be open and accessible to every organizer - without having a big venue, big sponsors, or a lot of participants.


Just invite friends into your house, college or internet coffee and let's do "voice hacking" together.


It can be only for 3-4 hours and then share with us your final video!

Social Dimension

We can see a massive benefit for disabled travelers. A new world opens up for the blind Mark; now he can change the flight booking just using his voice.

Or for Mary, she does not speak Italian, but the Voice interactive guide can help there anytime she wants to know anything about Rome.

There is also a great initiative - Google Assistant for Good. Look at it.


Any questions? I will be happy to help you.

Martin Krcek

Email: martin@voicehackathon.org

Phone: +420 606 269 609

Any questions? We will be happy to help you.

Martin Krcek

Organizer - GDG Brno & GDE

Email: martin@voicehackathon.org

Phone: +420 606 269 609



Denis Valasek

Organizer - GDG Ostrava & GDE

Email: denis@voicehackathon.org



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